Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Down Memory Lane---Quilts for Christopher---

Christopher 3yrs old

Sometimes people would ask me if I make stuff for my boys... YES I DO! But, I guess the question is totally valid, because I post things I've made for Rachel all the time but not the things I've made for the boys.

Well, let me tell you some of the things that happened to the things I made for the boys.

I made a small back pack with a pocket and a tiny teddy bear that had the letter "C" on it (this was for Christoher. I thought he could put his toy cars and snacks in there when we go out. The teddy bear was his little "friend"... Well, everytime I try to put it on him, he screamed and also, he took the bear, and kept throwing it, so, I have no idea what happend to the bear.

I stitched several pillows for both of the boys to decorate their room. I didn't see them for while and I was wondering about that. When I was going to wash their beds, I found them between thier beds and the wall. All, squished. I asked them why they stuffed the pillows there, and they said,"We put pillows in there, so the monster won't come and get us!" Hmm... lovely.

The things I made and they use and love are the super hero capes (although, they out grew the capes...) and passenger bags to carry thier gameboys. I guess for the boys It has to be something they use, and is practical; not something I think is cute or decorative and not supposed to be protected from dirty hands and stuff.

We girls love pretty things don't we? Eventhough, some... or lots of the things we buy are not something we need, we love to beautify our space.

This is probably why I make more stuff for Rachel. It is not that I love my boys less, she loves pretty things and appreciates them more. Also, I just can't help myself from picking up pretty fabrics!

Well, I just want to share with you all, some quilts I made for Christopher. Here is the proof that I love him too! :)

I made this one, before he was born. I was at the Baby Gap and saw a quilt, I loved it so I drew a quick sketch. That same night I started making the quilt and came up with this. I call it fake gap quilt.

This one was for his first birth day. I saw it in the Pottery Barn catalog. I loved the colors and the simple applique design and decided to copy it. It is only for personal use, that's ok, right?

I made this one as part of a Christmas gift for the boys. I used cowboy theme flannels. They use it all the time.

I wish, I could make more then of couse, I had two more children and I made them some quilts too. There is one quilt top waiting to be quilted for Christpher, whenever I feel I am ready, I will do it.

Those pictures remind me of when he was little. I should go and tuck him in.

I will post Michael and Rachel's quilt's pictures in the near future. Thank you for coming down memory lane with me!


  1. so fun to go down memory lane with you and the quilts are so pretty. I am loving that one with the cowboy flannels. Bet it is so cozy.

  2. Sachiko- I bet you don't remember me, but this is Katie Kelly. I used to be in your ward in Springville 2 years ago. I just have to say that you are AMAZING! You have an incredible talents; well, I should a few incredible talents. I love to look at your blog and see what you have come up with next! Those quilts look like they came from Gap and Pottery Barn, no joke. Keep it up, it's great for stimulating the creativity in me! (small as it may be)

  3. Your quilts are absolutely lovely. The comments that the boys made about the pillows and the monsters totally made me crack up. It sounds like what my 3 yr. old would say. Love your blog!

  4. I love those boys quilts great idea about gap.


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