Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tutorial~Little Girl's Leg Warmers~

It was sooo cold today where I live, but I was grinning big for a reason...

I found these socks at GAP last week in the women's section. They were 3 for $15, then I found the price tag saying 1.99. ON TOP OF THAT, it was an additional 40% off. I only paid 1.19 + tax a pair. I don't wear socks like these, but there is a reason why I wanted them.

I have been wanting to buy leg warmers for Rachel, the ones I saw at the stores cost around $10 or more. I didn't want to pay that much so, desided to make one.

Here is the quick tutorial:

You will need:

One pair of women's socks

Thread that will match the socks

1. Cut the foot part off the socks

2.Turn the sock inside out. Fold the edge twice and slip stitch all around.

3. That's it! They are ready to wear! If you are making this for a littler(is that even a word?) child, it might be a good idea to leave an opening to put elastic in; so, it is not too big and flappy for them.

Rachel was sooo excited and with today's cold weather, it was just perfect.


  1. I must make some of these for sweet Eloise! I think she is going to be crawling in a couple months and her little knees will get chapped. I bet if I used children's socks instead, they would be the perfect baby size. What do you think?

    Your work is lovely as usual!

  2. I am on the look out for cute socks because I want to make these ASAP. Savannah my 6 year old will LOVE these.

  3. Thanks! I took the girls to ballet and hip hop last night and it was chilly! The high out here has been like 65 degrees!
    I am totally going to do this!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. So cool! I saw some thigh high halloween stockings for $5 - I think I am going to make leg warmers and arm warmers for my girl - super cute!

    I noticed that you have an Etsy shoppe. I am doing a fun Giveaway on my site - it's all things Etsy - you could be a featured shop! Check out my site for more details:)

  5. Adorable leg warmers! and that sauce looks so yummy! Jackie

  6. I've also made these. They are great.

  7. I love the baby legs idea and have gone a bit mad with them for my 2 girls (2 months and 7 years) but then I saw your picture of her with her leggings under the baby legs and a whole new world opened up for me! I went right into my 7 year old's room and said, "Look what else you can do with them!"

    Baby legs have to be the most versatile item I have ever made for me and my girls. I hope they never ever ever go out of style.

  8. Aaaack! Cutest thing ever!!! I'm going to go sock hunting in my drawer right now.....

  9. Found you from another blog that referenced your tutorial. This gives me some ideas to use up the sleeves from a few sweaters! I ***freeze*** at work and I bet using your tut and the sleeves off of a few too-short sweaters to make ***myself*** some leg warmers!

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  10. Oooops! I just added my leg warmer tout to your link party! Great minds...

  11. Wonderful idea, perfect for my daughter.

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