Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Finds and Their Transformations

Last Saturday, I just had this urge to go to a thrift store. I felt like there was something waiting for me. I only had one and a half hours until I had a get together with our friends. I hopped in the van and I was gone like the wind.

Yep, I was right, I found some great items! I will not post everything in this post, but I will show you some of the things I found and transformed. All I needed was a can of spray paint.

I found these wooden frames for a dollar each. I love the moulding on these frames.



I love them! I found mats at dollar store while ago, and they fits perfectly.

There is another find that I am REALLY EXCITED about... take a look at this before picture...

I spotted this with a bunch of junk I mean stuff and loved the detail. I didn't care for the color but I decided to buy it anyways. It was actually made out of plastic but it looked brand new inside and out. I was wondering what this box was originally used for... it looked a little bit churchy to me, so I wanted to make sure that people didn't store ashes or something. If that was the case, I would be a little bit uncomfortable buying this. On the back of the box it said "Mark Clein INC, Baraboo, Wisconsin".
So, I googled the name and after a few tries, I found out that the box was indeed a sewing box! According to the picture I found, my box was missing a tray on the inside, but I didn't mind. I transformed the sewing box my way, with help from a few coats of spray paint, it looks like this...

I have been looking for a sewing box for a while. I have a sewing room on the second floor, but most of the time I work downstairs in the kitchen area. I thought it would be nice to have something beautiful, and functional to store my basic sewing items. And, the box was only two dollars! I love it so much that I can't stop looking at it.

I had some paint left over, so I painted other things I bought a long time ago, and needed some TLC. (White is my most favorite color... I don't mind if everything is white.)

Little piggy bank

The "A"

I just have to say spray paint is the greatest invention of mankind! I wish I could thank and hug who ever came up with this!


  1. What great transformations!

    I also did a project with thrift store frames this week.

    It's amazing the potential that traditionally outcast items get with a can of spray paint in your back pocket! ;)

  2. Great transformations...I am a little partial to white myself.

  3. i love that sewing basket, it's amazing. you have such a great eye. i love spray paint. it's crazy how much of a difference it can make.

  4. You are just full of great ideas. I'm off to buy some spray paint. Love that little sewing basket.

  5. I love the sewing box!... Everything turned out beautiful!!

  6. I love that "a"! Where did you get that?

  7. Sara--
    Thank you for your comment! I found the "A" at DI for fifty cents. You never know what you will find there!

  8. Great transformations. I love spray paint. My mom still uses that same sewing box!

  9. My mom still has that exact same sewing box, only it's a really ugly drab green. I spent hours rummaging through it as a kid in the early 70's. And yes, it has a tray that fits into the top. Thanks for the memory!

  10. OK miss magician!!! That's amazing!!! I'm going to follow you to wherever you go next time and watch your every're amazing!!! Miss you!

  11. I love thrift stores! My second favorite is KSL and Craigslist. Which thrift stores do you like?

  12. I LOVE the sewing box & was laughing at the possibility of it holding ashes:) I'm glad you found a functional use for such a beautiful piece!

  13. Wow~ Those are great finds and fantastic transformations~ You have such a great eye for things! :D

  14. I have a sewing box almost exactly like it... and I bought it brand new in the late 80's... haha I never thought of painting it though; will have to now! Yours looks great!

  15. fantastic sewing box! I want one!

  16. My granny had one of those sewing boxes back in the 70's. I remember it well, and now I wish I had it! Beautiful job!

  17. You are such inspiration...
    Finded your blog resently and im totaly in love.... keep doing what you are doing!
    I find it too important to use creativity as Bless
    Mvh liene
    From Sweden

  18. Darling! I always find those cute little boxes and can never figure out what to do with them!


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