Monday, September 21, 2009

Little Break

The church function on Saturday was fun! I thought I would be swamped with my class, I didn't sign up for anything. There was a class for something I really wanted to do for long time. It was next to my table, so I was looking at how they did it. and I am going to do it when I can find the time; hopefully soon. I want to do a tutorial for this and I am not telling what it is, until the day I can actually post it. Call me a tease...:)

After that, my family and I went up to a family BBQ. It was fun but I left early to go home and sew. I was up until close to 3 AM. I was so focused on sewing and didn't even realize the time. I was working on little girls' handbag to send to Japan. I will post the pictures of them in my next post...(Sorry, I am so exhausted to go downstairs to get the camera).

When I do so much in a short while I get really tired. I have several ways to take a break and relax. One of the things I am going to do tonight is to get ready to go to bed, do a facial massage and read. Sounds lame or boring but it works for me. I know tomorrow will also be a busy day. What your favorite way to unwind and relax?


  1. I wonder what the craft was that you saw. I will await with eager anticipation ;>

    Loved the felt food you did.

    Sewing and crafting helps me to relax and unwind because I focus only on that.
    Have a good week.
    Cal x

  2. of course you need a break! (everyone does once in a while)

    that book looks cool, does it have good projects in it?

  3. oh, you are a tease! Looking forward to the tutorial though. I love that HOME SEWN book..and her first one as well.

    Spending time with family or spoiling myself with a hot tub bath with bubbles and music helps me to relax. Oh, and a manicure or pedicure is very relaxing. LOL, generally anything I normally wouldn't take the time out to do for myself is usually the stuff that helps me relax.
    So glad to hear your class went well at church.

  4. I read your blog and other inspiring sewing blogs to unwind.... every night I go down the list and all the tension of the day leaves me... thank you!

  5. Hi I just recently found you site and have enjoyed visiting so have added you to my blog site and i just joined yours as a follower---I know how you feel with the exhaustion--I get it very easily and sometimes--quickly--I mostly have to take a half hour nap late afternoon's other times it is to quilt--hugs, just, Di


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