Monday, September 7, 2009

More Great Finds and New Items in My Etsy Store

Ahhhh... I had a great time during the Labor day weedend. Lots of family time, family get together, BBQ, bowling, movies. My sweet husband kindly gave me "Me time" too (while he took care of all three children!). I was able to go out by myself and also, squeeze in some sewing time.

I found some GREAT items at DI again. Whoever decided to donated them, thank you so much! You made me very happy!

The first finds are Cath kidston look-a-like mugs! Aren't they so cute? I always wanted to order some mugs from her catalog, but it is so expensive that I only admire them on catalog...

Those mugs I found were 50 cents each!! They will be perfect for the fall and winter when I take a break from sewing at night and drink some herb tea.

The next great finds are, Fire King casserole dishes! I have been a fan and collector of Fire King dishes for a while (I will share my collection someday). These dishes are brand new and have never been used! The original stickers were still attached. The color is orangeish with copper tint. It is so pretty and I am so thrilled to cook up some fall dishes in these.

The oil cloth fabrics I shared last week... I turn them into bibs! I whipped up eight of them and am going to post them on my etsy store soon. I am very happy with the results.

I have a new tutorial coming up. I am planning to post it sometime this week, hope to see you there!


  1. Great finds and love the bibs!

  2. What is a DI store? I have never heard of that. Loving those mugs. They make me smile.
    Looking foward to your tutorial.

  3. Love the casserole dishes (I'm a Pyrex fan!) and the big is adorable!

  4. Okay! What DI are you going too???? i never find anything there. But you an V always find cool stuff. Maybe it has to do with me being impatient. :)

    PS I think you should come to the next project night and bring sushi. Or invite me over and teach me how to make it. Or tell me what I need and I'll buy it and you and your crew can come to my house. And you can teach me to make it. :) Hope to see you soon! -Jessica

  5. Looking forward to your tutorial. I have my new machine finally, and would love to know where to find oil cloth like you have found. Nothing like that even near me. The mugs are beautiful, I see why you like them. Great bibs! Jackie

  6. Hi, Ladies! Thank you so much for your comments. They always make me happy! Here are the answers to some of the questions I've received so far...

    Cheryl-- DI is short for "Deseret Industries" it is a chain of LDS church operated thrift stores that provide jobs etc. I love second hand stores!

    Empty Nest Full Life-- I go to various quilt stores in the area, most of them carry a few selctions of oil cloth.
    I found the ones on this post at "Corn Wagon Quilt Company". I am not sure if they have a web site, but here is their phone number: 801-491-3551
    Also, you can probably find oil cloths online there are many people who sell fabrics on their etsy stores.
    Good luck! :)

    girlsmama--- You are so funny! Most of the times I go to the one in Provo. I heard people say, they don't find anything at the Provo one. I think it is just a matter of timing.
    About the sushi, we will talk later ;)

  7. I'm Marnie Goodrich's sister :) I LOVE those bibs! makes me want to go find some cute oilcloth and make some for gifts :) You're so talented, keep it up :)

  8. Great finds! Those cups are lovely! And a huge YAY for the casserole dishes! I am so excited for you! Curious, how much did you get them for?


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