Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger's Meet Up Pictures

What?! Has it been two weeks since the meet up already? Where did the time go?

I am going to share some of the pictures today from the meet up. I have never been to a blogger's conference, meet up, or anything. This experience was totally new to me.

One thing you don't know about me is, if I am in the right mood I can be very outgoing and social, but if not, I get very nervous and shy especially when I am going to a place where I don't know what to expect. I guess it is partly something to do with the fact that English is not my native language. I wasn't sure if I should go or not at first, but I am so glad that I went (Thank you Aaron for kicking me out of the house)

I have met many people that I knew from blogland in person. They truly exist! The meetup was held at the Blue Lemon in downtown Salt Lake. What a fun place to go to.

The first pictue, from left Tam, Vanessa, Kari, me, and Becky. There was such a strong wind, and for some reason we were laughing a lot. (Thank you for sharing the picture Tam!)

Other girl's that I talk to from left; Char, me, Sabra. It was fun to get to know them in person; good times girls!

Allison, I always admired her quilts; it was so fun to meet her in person.

I wrote about her little bit before after the earth quake in Japan. April was the one that coordinated the quilt tying event. I was so excited to meet her again.

Sherri and I. I found her blog pretty much shortly after I started blogging. She is always so nice and generous with her words and comments. She is one of the people I have always wanted to meet. She was so sweet in person as well.

There are a few other people that I took picture with but they were blurry. Amy and Calli put so much time and effort to bring people together at this meet up. It was a great turn out, thank you so much you two!


  1. It's really nice to meet blogger friends. Hope one day I can meet you too *O.O*

  2. Always so much fun to meet up with our blogger friends!
    Ive never had that joy yet...YET!
    One of these days!

    Deborah xo

  3. hooo i want a meeting in my country just like that :(.. it looks so much fun.

  4. It was fun to meet you too!!!! -Al

  5. I'm so glad you came Sachiko! You are the sweetest.

  6. It seems like you had a great time. Sachiko, you look beautiful in that the top. red suits you!

  7. You, my dear, are darling!

    And I'm still giggling about you telling us about your "dark side" in the elevator. ;)

  8. It was SO fun to meet you. I know, I keep saying it, but I had such a great time.

  9. Sachiko,
    Meeting you in person {finally!} was one of the highlights of quilt market for me! Thanks for being a great friend!


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