Saturday, September 3, 2011

Link Love No. 67!

Mr. TRH was away this week attending a Wood Badge training camp. If you don't know what it is, that is ok; I didn't know either until he got involved with scouting. Basically, it is training for scout leaders.

He is not at all outdoorsy person, even though he is an Eagle Scout. We don't go camping as a family either. I was little worried about him... I felt like "one of my boys was going on his first campout!" (Well, maybe this was good practice for me since my oldest will start going on a campout once a month in about a year). After he packed everything, off he went...

Today the families were invited for lunch and a special program. I packed my kid and went to the camp ground. Me? I’m not an outdoorsy person either, but I really enjoyed being there.

Sitting there looking at the clear blue sky and mountains in a perfect breeze was so liberating. Also, there are so many different types of butterflies and blue dragonflies flying all over the place...there were hundreds flying about. It was just such a pretty sight. My kids were so excited to see so many bugs all in one place too.

Who knows, I might become more in tune with nature and start going camping someday. :)

I have the link love for this week, are you ready?

Look at this cute project shared by One Perfect Day. I love how simple and pretty the design is, very refreshing!

These pants totally rocks! I am Momma-Hear Me Roar created these stylish pants for her son. I love the color of the pants as well as the stylish pockets in the back. Great job Cheri!

Erin from Lemon Tree Creation shared her decorated nursery. Please head over to her post, because she shared so many cute creations and ideas with lots of pictures. I miss the excitement of trying to decide on the names and decorating a nursery for a new baby. Her post made me wanna decorate a nursery... (I am not saying that I want to have more babies, I just want to name them and decorate the nursery :).

You know, I just love this chandelier shared by Nest Full of Eggs. This is another perfect example of how a can of paint can make a huge difference on something dull or outdated. I will be looking for chandeliers like hers on my next trip to a thrift store. :)

Wow... Vixen Made really took themed party to a whole different level! Look at all the stuff she made for this party, amazing. My daughter loves Pinkalicious, I know she would squeal with joy if I threw a party like that. Thank you for sharing your creations and special day with us!

Thank you all for participating!

By the way, as I mentioned before, September 20th is Tea Rose Home's 3rd birthday! I am going to have special giveaways during this month and the first giveaway post will go up on Monday. Are you excited? You should be! I am hiding some awesome items up my sleeve, make sure to come back and enter for a chance to win!


  1. The link to One Perfect Day isn't working. Just FYI. It goes to a picture of the tutorial you did last.

  2. thanks so much for featuring my pink chandelier =D
    just wanted to let you know that the One Perfect Day link wasn't working for me :(

  3. Oh no! The link to One Perfect Day takes us to a photo of your daughter! Not that she isn't adorable, but I really want to see more of that gal's work!

  4. I like your tutorials very much! I just added you to my blog list.

  5. The link doesn't work for the leaf fabric boxes. A photo of your striped shirt-to-dress comes up. I can't seem to find the blog on my own. Please help

  6. Love all the links! It's not usual for me to visit all the links in a linky post, but these are all awesome!

  7. I am so sorry about the link not working! I just fixed it, and you should be able to go to her tutorial. :)

  8. I just saw this!
    Thank you so much for including my little fabric boxes with all these wonderful things!!


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