Sunday, September 18, 2011

Link Love No. 69!

Before posting the link love, let me update on the cookbook "50 bloggers+50 recipes" fund raising for Japan.

Missy from How Does She? emailed me last week and told me the total amount of how much they were able to raise. Can you guess how much? (Wait for it... wait for it...)

A grand total of $20.000!!!

Isn't that amazing or what? Missy wanted me to give my readers, who purchased the cook book for this cause, a big thanks. I also want to say thank you too!

There are two people that deserve a big thanks too... ok, I am posting this part from Missy's email to me...;

"1. Heather, the designer. (

This project took WAY more time than anticipated. Heather didn't realize what she was saying yes to and we didn't realize what we were asking of her but she pulled through beautifully. She donated 100% of her time and talent designing, editing, redoing, resizing, linking, etc. She is so talented and so fun to work with!

2. Paper Coterie. (

They have been SO GENEROUS to print and donate these books. It took our project to the next level and made it so much more successful (the printed book more than doubled the ebook sales). They have many people in their office with family who have been directly impacted by recent disasters and they were excited to support the Red Cross. They have been INCREDIBLE to work with. Did you order a book? These are not cheaply made books. They are beautiful (and packaged beautifully). We have been so impressed with this company that we will hopefully be promoting them as an affiliate in the near future. They have not asked for anything in return, but we are going to add their button to our side bar for free for a while as a very small thanks.

We will collect all the money from the sale of the ebook and from Paper Coterie and make the donation to the American Red Cross. When that is done, we will email the receipt to make it official and so you can all feel proud of what we accomplished!"

Ok, me again... When I read Missy's email I really felt that we all come together and were able to accomplish something incredible. Also, Missy, Heather and the people at Paper Coterie must have put so much work into this project. I have never met them in person, but they all sound like such kind, considerate, compassionate people, you know the kind of people that you want to get to know more...

Thank you again everyone for your support on this!

Ok, link love....

You see this zig-zag or chevron patterns everywhere in blogosphere right now, and I love it! Owen's Olivia shared this pretty painted curtain with us. I love the color gradation and she did such a nice job.

Show Tell Share created this pretty table runner with bleach pen. She shares helpful tips on her blog. I love how this is not overly done; the simpleness of it makes the table runner perfect.

Sigh... Really, do you feel that summer is ending and slowly shifting to fall? I am back into a crazy routine now, and I miss the summer already. Do you have tons of fun pictures from this summer? Originate and Renovate shares a cool way to display the pictures.

I am always gathering ideas for a way to utilize my scraps (I mean fabric scraps, even though I have so many other "scraps" in my house). I thought this cute pinwheel idea shared by All This for Them is a perfect way to use scraps and make something cute. I am thinking about making a hair clip for my little girl with some small pinwheel. :) How fun!

Oh how I LOVE this wall! A Time to Create shared this blue stenciled wall. The pattern is classy and modern, but the color makes it so fresh and hip. How fun it is to have a wall like that in the house. Great thinking!

Thank you all for your participation. Happy creating!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me! I have been following your blog for awhile now, ever since my sister (Stacy I.) introduced it to me over a year ago. I have really enjoyed visiting the Link Love parties.


  2. Thank you so much for featuring my table runner! I just saw it on my Google reader. I have been sick with a bad bronchitis and have not been able to blog, or read my favorite blogs like Tea Rose Home! I even missed your giveaway...Hope you are feeling better!


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