Monday, October 22, 2012


I felt like it was the talk of the town, well, at least among the people I hung out with... Everyone was talking about this new store that opened up in Provo. They said it was such an amazing store, and I also saw some things they bought there... hmmm... I had to go investigate.

The shop Harmony is located in the heart of Provo off of Center street.

I already had a feeling that I am going to love what I was going to see...

and I was right. The first thing that jumped out to me was the gorgeous choice of fabrics.

They don't have a huge selection but they carry a lot of the fabrics from my favorite designers such as Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, Kaffe Fassett and more. I loved pretty much all the fabrics there, (in high pitch voice)

The opposite side of the hall I saw a shelf filled with beautiful colors of yarns... sigh... this is one of the great examples of "picture perfect" scenery.

When I stepped in to the room, there were more colors...

Looking at them made me want to learn more knitting and crocheting. I am seriously thinking about taking the classes they are offering.

There were lots to see in the hall too.

I was so pleased with everything I saw in the store and was thinking of which fabric to buy... when I entered this room filled with eye candy!

Look at all these trims! I found ones that I haven't seen at the local fabric stores. Oh THANK YOU for making my day such a happy one!

There are more goodies such as dolls for your little ones, hand stitched pillows for your couch, nice scents on your wrists, and craft tapes of which I don't think we can have too many. I mean, those are all great items for ourselves, but they are awesome birthday/Christmas gift items too.

You think you have seen it all, my friends? That is not all; that is not all...

When I stepped into the other room in the back, I saw Amy Butler's laminated cottons and spotted some clothing made out of my favorite fabrics... "Liberty of London".

The owner, Laura told me that one of her daughters designed and manufactured those clothes. She uses fabrics from Liberty of London! If you are interested visit her web site Pronk.

Harmony is such a gem in Provo, and it became my favorite shop.

My birthday and Christmas are coming Mr.TRH (hint, hint ;)), well I am just saying. :)

Here is the info to Harmony;

315 E. Center. Provo UT


  1. Beautiful.
    Like in heaven :)
    Regards from Poland :)

  2. i am so glad you love Harmony as much as I do! I am so happy for a place like this to go and pick up a gift. we should take a class!

  3. Aneta-

    Thank you for your comment from Poland! What kind of things are there at the shops in Poland? I am very curious. :)


    I know! We should take a class, it would be so fun!

  4. In Poland the shop like that is still rarity. I mean choice of colour and pattern, design...
    I live in Cracow (one of bigger city in Poland) so the situation is not so bad, but in smaller towns it is very difficult to find a shop with such a climate. To find something special you have to look for in the internet.
    Best regards :)

    If you have a free minute please come to see my blog:

    I will be honoured :)

  5. Hi Sachiko,
    This place is a really an Harmony in heaven!!! A place to spend hours.....:)
    Here in Portugal in my city Lisbon we have several very good shops with almost every thing.I can find there fabrics from most places.Thanks so much for sharing this wonderfull place!
    Happy week!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  6. This is off the subject, but in the back room of Harmony there's a lamp in one of the mom has the same lamp pair in her house (not repainted) and I remember it from my childhood (30+ years ago)...funny how the little things catch the eye. BTW, Harmony looks like a great place.


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