Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trip to Japan ~ Shopping Part 1

I blogged about many different aspects of my Japanese trip... here comes the shopping part (Were you waiting for this?).

Well, to tell you the truth I had a really busy day today. I am just going to share a one simple picture...

Yes, books. Growing up I have been a big.fat.bookworm. I just love to read. I don't have to eat or drink if I am into the book I am reading. If I don't have any motherly responsibilities, I could be reading all day long.

I guess you get the point. :)

I started reading in English more and more but it is never the same as reading in my native language. While I was there I asked my sister to take me to some used book stores and Ahhh… I was in heaven. Seriously, that was a dream vacation to me.

I got many of them from the 100 yen section, and I also went to the regular book stores and bought some Japanese sewing books!

I can't wait to start making stuff out of the books, perhaps; I can picture myself sewing happily during this fall and winter.

Oh, I wish I lived right next to a Japanese book store.


  1. Yes, I was (waiting for the shopping post) :) I suspect there will be at least one more but I can understand about books - during my first trip abroad years ago all I got was a couple of expensive encyclopedic dictionaries and a pair of $2 sunglasses. I know reading them will make you happy and I'm looking forward to some Japanese sewing crafts from you :)

  2. I was just looking at a few books I have from Japan. I bought a few crochet books. They are ones where you can follow the pattern from picture signs thank goodness. I cannot read Japanese. The patterns in these are my favorite patterns. I even bought one of these books for my mother who has been crocheting for oohhh probably 60 years. She treasures this book. She shows it to all her crafty lady friends. I only wish that I had bought more of them when I was there, but if I remember at the time, there probably were no more of them on the shelf at the book store.

  3. Wow!! I couldn't help but wondering how much you paid for the luggage :)
    I totally understand your cravings for books because whenever I am abroad I must buy and bring back books with me!

  4. I have this notion in my head that Japanese sewing books and patterns must be awesome!

  5. SO jealous of your patterning books....they have the best patterns. EVER!!!

  6. I love books too! I bought some Japanese crochet Japanese books from a discount store here in BC and I've enjoyed making some projects. I really like the pictures,pretty materials and the nice patterns.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new sewing projects.
    G x

  7. Since all things Japanese are awsome including you, I am sure the sewing will be amazing. When I was last, it was the stationary stores. The papers and pens! Indulge in your love affairs I say. You would be interested in a company called The Japanese Paper Place. There home base is in Toronto. She has been able to keep the tradition of paper making alive in Japan through her efforts of marketing the special papers. It's worth a look! Have fun...

  8. I too wish I lived next door to a Japanese book store. Their craft books are amazing. living in Australia we don't get any at all.Last year when I was in Singapore I found a great bookshop(opposite the hotel) & stocked up on quite a few. I don't speak Japanese but their books are very easy to follow.

  9. you have a lot of books. very nice and cool.

  10. When I was a child, my Japanese mother had all kinds of Japanese craft books that I would read. The photos and diagrams were amazing and so well executed that I could easily follow them as a child and make a few things. Nowadays, I go to Mitsuwa in the Chicago area, and browse the craft book section. The embroidery, quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, and beading books are elegant and so well diagrammed that I can follow them without knowing Japanese. They are beautiful, lucky you that you were able to indulge. Those are the best souvenirs that you can revisit over and over.

  11. My dream is to go to Japan. Maybe I should spare some of my saving to become a new saving for japan trip, ha ha..
    I will tell you if I could make that :)

    Oh, I also have two japanese sewing books at the top of you pile and made some pieces from their patterns. I bought them from etsy. I can't read japanese but usually, pictures and diagrams in japanese books are so helpful


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