Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cat Scout Night

Several months ago, it seemed like a lot of good things happend to my oldest son all at once. He got a new suit for church, he passed the test to going into the advanced class at martial arts, we bought him some sparring gear. On top of that, he started going to the Cub Scouts!

Watching his older brother getting so much good fortune all at once, and finding out about him starting scouts, made Michael so mad and sad that shouted out, "It' not fear!" and broke down and cried.

Eventhough, as parents we try to treat them equally, somethings are beyoned our control. The oldest child will experience somethings earlier than the yonger siblings.

I felt so sorry for him, then my creative mind took over and I found myself saying, "uh, Michael, why don't we start cat scout!" (oops! It's too late, his eyes were already sparkling and had widend.)
"What is cat scout?", he said curiously.
"Well, I thought that maybe you and I can do something fun, while Christopher is in scouts." (Shut up Sachiko! you are creating more work for yourself!)
" Yeah!! I love that Mommy! You are the BESTEST mom on the whole wide world!", he exclaimed as his eyes were drying up. Then he started running around the house meowing. He carried on like this until he went to bed.

I thought that he might forget about the cat scouts idea, but one week later he was so excited to do something with me. So, ever since then, every week we have cat scout meeting, nothing big, I have tought him how to microwave the popcorn and we watch a movie, make cupcakes together etc..... and tonight, he wanted to do craft night, he even prepared the table for me and his little sister. He brought out papers, crayons, scissors, and glue.

He wanted to make Easter decorations, so I went with the flow. I made a paper doll bunny and clothes to go with it. Rachel immediately claimed that as her's.

When I was a little girl, I made paper dolls all the time. Doing this activity together, brought back old memories. One hour quickly passed by; we had so much fun. Thank you my little artist.


  1. that is a great idea, even if now it's one more thing for you to do! i love the paper bunny doll, i am not good at drawing at all. and i thought the microwave popcorn was an excellent lesson to be learned!


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