Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Growing list

In my last post, I listed the things I am doing and the things I am going to do in the next week or two. Some people told me that I am very ambitious. Well, if you have been reading my blog for while(thanks!) it is pretty obvious that I LOVE FABRICS!! According to my mother I started to sew at age two. Considering how long I have been sewing, my skills are not that advanced, but I just love fabrics and sewing.

Growing up I was in the hospital a lot, my mother always bought me kit to make something, so I would have something to do. Who knew that that would give me the opportunity to discover a life long love of sewing. I consider myself lucky in that regard.

So, if I have the time (it started becoming a luxury around here and can sew stuff, I am one happy person. I have been working on my list, slowly but surely.

The other day, I was at a local gift shop and found these beautiful ribbons, I think some of them were imported from Europe. Aren't they so pretty?

Maybe after the open house I will start making new hair bows with these.
Oh...I just added a new thing on my todo list, didn't I.


  1. Those ribbons are lovely! I'm sure you will find something fabulous to do with them :). I love the new look of your blog!

  2. The ribbons are gorgeous...

  3. Sign me up for hairbows with those ribbons. I LOVE the one at the front of the picture!


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