Friday, April 24, 2009

Love it!

I have been wanting to change my header and background for a while. I thought that the colors didn't match and once I started thinking this way, there was no turning back; I had to change it. Yes, I am little OCD...

I designed the header and stitched it, found the scrapbook paper for the background, and my awesome husband made the background for me! Also, my old profile picture was taken by my oldest son when he was 7. I didn't have a nice picture of me, because usually I am the one taking everyone's picture.

Now I have a new picture that I LOVE, which was taking by my wonderful friend and photographer Michelle!

I love my new site. I love it all (at least for now. I don't even know when I am going change my mind...)

I am looking forward to posting more ideas and fun things. The new look has got me more excited than ever.


  1. Darling. The stitchery is beautiful and I LOVE the pic that Michelle took. You are so very beautiful.

  2. Even before I read your post, I noticed the new heading! I LOVE it! It looks so awesome! And I noticed your picture, too! It is awesome!! I think that it ALMOST captures how beautiful you are!
    I miss you lady!


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