Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am busy in a good way

My children have been on spring break since last Friday. My husband is really busy at work right now, we couldn't plan a trip or anything. I thought it was going to be a chaotic week for me with three very energetic children. To my surprise, it has been very nice! We are just enjoying being together and doing little fun stuff here and there.

Since I don't have to drive around so much I have been using my time to clean and reorganize my house. I am in the process of reorganize my closet in our room and I'm almost done. I took everything out, vacuumed, and wiped the walls. After that I went through my clothes piece by piece to consider if I needed it or not. I take good care of my clothes and I don't buy over the top "in style" items, so I can wear them for a while. Some of the clothes I wear go back to when I was in high school!!(Let's not go into how long ago it was and stuff, leave out those details please).
It feels sooo good to see clean and organized space. I am loving my closet again! The next area I am going to work on is in our office.

I mentioned that some of my clothes are from my high school years. Well, I was reorganizing the kitchen cabinet and found this.

Here is one of my quirks. I keep tiny pencils. Some of you may be thinking "Why?", well, when I design, I use pencils and colored pencils. Those are my favorite things to use. When they are so small that I can't sharpen them anymore, I can't just toss them away. I feel like they worked so hard for me. Besides, I think they are so pretty in the jar. Wouldn't you agree?

I know every one has at least one quirk. It would be fun to read some of yours'. Would like to share?

Also, I have been working on my daughter's dress and my clothes. I will post about them next time. See you then!


  1. Those little pencils do look cute. Doesn't organizing feel great?! Wish I had your ambition this week. By the way, my quirk is paper clips...I love them! They have to be of the soft, colored variety. I have to paper clip things according to what the stack of papers is telling me...yes, I talk to paper. OK, too much information...

  2. That is a cute quirk-you are so sensitive!


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