Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring is in my house

One of my thoughtful and creative friends gave me a piece of Spring. The cute card read "Happy Spring". I love suprises like this, makes my day happy and cheerful.

I have been working on many projects lately (as usual), they are;

Cutting fabrics for the next quilt project

Design and stitch a new stitchery pattern-- it will be in a few local quilt stores soon.

Planning to make a skirt for myself.

Making house warming gift for my sister and her husband who just bought their first house!

More designing.

And between all the projects I am working on, you can slip in all the mommy duties you can think of.

Also, I am going to have an open house for Tea Rose Company next week. All the hair bows from last year will be 40% off, and I am going to display other items such as purses, bibs, little girls bluoomers etc... It will be fun! My friend Marnie who makes nursing covers will be there too.

I am going to make flyers, clean the house and maybe, whip up more stuff before the open house.(hmmm... more sleepless nights?)

Wish me luck!


  1. Can't wait for the open house!

  2. Need me to watch your kids so you can get some work done? Let me know . . .

  3. Thank you Elisa, you are such a good friend. I think I'll be OK. Besides, I wouldn't want my children's rambunctiousness to ruin our friendship. :)

  4. oh man if i only lived closer!


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