Monday, January 11, 2010

Black Apple Doll and a Quilt

I was visiting a blog the other day, and found the cutest dolls. I wanted make one for my little girl, so I sent her an email asking her where she got the pattern. She shared the link whereI could download this Black Apple Doll pattern. Thank you Anna!

I guess the original doll used felts for the body and hair, but I decided to use 100%
cotton fabrics. I used scraps for the body. Accesorizing the doll was the most fun part. I added a "Tea Rose Home touch" to the doll by adding some lace, and a flower hair clip...Ah, so fun!

The doll looked cold in this January weather, so I made a matching quilt for her. I will tell you what I did:

~A Little Quilt for Black Apple Doll~

Finished size 12" X 12"

1. Cut 16 pieces of 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" squares from 4-5 different fabrics.

2. Lay them out 4 down, 4 across. Try not to put the same fabrics next to each other.

3. Sew each row first, then sew the strips together. Don't forget to Iron each strip for better result. Combine the first two strips, then iron, continue until all strips are sewn together.

4. For the backing I used minky, but you can use pretty much anything.

5. I finished with bias tape, but you can apply your favorite method for finishing the quilt.

I had so much fun making this doll. This year has barely started and my "things to make" list for this year is already really long... I might make this for my nieces next Christmas.

Oh, btw- I am linking to this site today. There are many talented people there, go check them out and see what they are up to.


  1. いつもブログを見させていただいてエネルギーをいっぱいもらってます。いつかこのエーミーバトラーの生地で娘にスカートを縫いました。私にとっては思い入れのある記事です。

  2. So cute. How did you do the shoes? Are they painted or fabric?

  3. Jackman Clan-

    Thank you for your comment. About the shoes, I decided to just paint it. It was so easy and fun.

  4. You are just so talented! She is the cutest little thing and a matching quilt - wonderful!

  5. I love fabric dolls. You did a great job.


  6. What a lucky little girl to have such a talented mother!

  7. I made one of these dolls for my daughter for her christmas stocking stuffer. I actually made a 'practice' doll first and gave it to a little one year old and my daughter was nearly in tears at having to give it away. (little did she know)

    But while I was making it I was forcefully reminded of labor. Pulling that entire doll (arms and legs and all) right side out was very traumatic for me. :)

  8. I saw these awhile back too but never knew if I could do it! Your doll is adorable!

  9. Oh, I love it! Want one of my own...
    Let's get together soon!

  10. This is awesome, Sachiko! Looks so very neat and cute, and the flower pin touch makes it even cuter!

  11. Both the doll and little quilt are gorgeous !

  12. I have seen this doll on soo many blogs, but yours is by far my favorite!! how did you make the hair clip? I want to make them for my nieces and daughter! Love your blog!

  13. Until I saw the link and linked to your website, I actually thought this doll was made from an apple, so this is an education and a half, to say the least. Thank you!


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