Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Semi-Special Order Shoes

Sometime after the summer, I found plain corduroy shoes at WalMart. The design was simple enough to give me room to embelish it. The price was affordable enough for to not be too afraid to make some mistakes too.

Thanksgiving came and went, Christmas came and went and so did a few birthdays too. I was so busy that I forgot about the shose. One day I was going through the house in a cleaning mood, and I found the shose. Yeah!

I headed to my studio (well... I admit it, it looks more like a hobby room, but studio sounds more stylish). I started working on the shoes.

I've always wondered, why do kids alway seem to know when we, mothers, start doing someting fun, they can sense it... Rachel came in to the room.

This was my original plan for the shose:

Then, Rachel said "That's nice, but how about botton." I thought that was not a bad idea, then I start playing with her.

I said "How do you like this?" as I placed a Yo-Yo on the side. She said "Nah."

I took one of the hair clip I made for my etsy shop and placed it on top of the shoes. With a giggle she said, " That's too big Mommy!".

Then, she grabbed one of the hair bows I was working on and said, "I want a bow!"

Well, not bad, I thought. That night I made brown bows that would go with the strap and finished the shoes. I love how it turned out!! It looks almost like shoes from the J Crew catalog, except, a lot more affordable.

The next morning when she found the shoes she was so happy. She kept staring at the bows on her feet while she was walking. I had to tell her several times to watch where she was going so she won't hurt herself. I guess it is hard not to... this is her first special order shoes. :)

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  1. addi has those shoes in navy blue. i should have known you would be creative with them. they look awesome.

  2. so cute! love all the ideas and of course the final product!

  3. We have those shoes in black and brown. I'm definitely going to dress them up! I love the ruffle idea you first had. Luckily my daughter is still young enough to go with what I want!

  4. Darin, Jenn and Ivy-
    Oh... enjoy this stage! My daughter was like that before. Now she is starting to have her own opinions.

  5. Cute Idea, I must use this for my daughters shoes, she is a hair bow kinda gal, and Im sure would adore bows on her shoes!

  6. I like all the little embellishments!!! How fun to have shoes you can change!

  7. Love the bows on the shoes. Your daughter has an eye for designing.

  8. They are really cute! She knows what she likes;}

  9. sooo cute! I love the bow too :)

  10. the brown bows look great ! i love brown !!!

  11. How adorable! The bows give it just the right touch! :) Very girly!!

  12. Cute ideas! I featured this project in my Friday Favorites along with your denim flower project. I linked back to you. So cute!


  13. OH SO CUTE!!!

    Wonderful ideas.

    Thanks for explaining about the slip stitch. Wondered if that was what you meant.

    Of course i will be back. you have a fun place here!


    barbara jean

  14. super cute idea! Do you have a tutorial on how you make your bows?

  15. We've given you an award at

    Thank you for the inspiration.


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