Monday, January 4, 2010

Story of a Blanket

As I posted at the end of the Jean Corsage tutorial last Friday, I am a guest blogger over at Someday Craft today to share my newest tutorial. You will see what I did with the rest of the fabric from my old jeans. So please head over and check it out, I don't hate comments! :)

I posted about the quilts I have made for my children before: here, here, and here. The two older children, they loved the quilts I have made for them but, never got attached to any of them.

My youngest and little girl; she loves quilts and blankets in general, but she LOVES this particular one. It goes everywhere she goes. You see her with this blanket at church, grocery stores (that means all the other stores as well), doctor's appointments, grandma's house, the park... I mean everywhere. when she is taking a shower, the blanket sits outside the door and waits for her...

You are probably wondering, which one, show me the picture, so here goes.

I didn't make this one. My mom who lives in Japan sent it to her when she was little over one year old. It is made out of fleece, and to tell you the truth, I am not crazy about the color or the character print. But she loves it! I don't think she is attached to it because her Japanese grandma sent it for her. I don't think it is because of the softness, the blanket I made has really soft minky. We all don't know why she is so attached to this.

Every now and then she voluntarily asks me to wash her blanket. It is good that she doesn't scream her head off or anything, but she mopes around the house. She even waits in front of the dryer until it's done.

One day we were at one of the fabric store, and Rachel said "Mommy I want that!!" In the direction she was looking at, I found the cutest cream color fleece with pink piggies on it. Well, I decided to get that and make a blankt for her, since I haven't done that for a while. She loved it, Yeah!

The picture is when the yellow blanket is in the wash and she is waching TV.
I thought that maybe, just maybe, she grew out of the yellow blanket. I can do a cream color blanket with soft pink piggies... I grinned secretly.

Nope. What was I thinking?! As soon as the beep sounded to let us know that the laundry was all dry, she threw the piggy blanket across the room and run to the laundry room to get her one and only yellow blanket.

I think it is somewhat annoying but at the sametime, very cute that she is like that, and I know this stage won't last forever. Pretty soon, she will be saying "What blanket?". Might as well enjoy this stage with her.


  1. Aw, sweet post. I have to say, I am partial to a soft, creamy blanket myself and I love to cuddle under my own when I am cold.
    Whatever reason your daughter loves that yellow blanket it is a sweet time to file away as a momma. So cute to read that she actually waits in front of the dryer for it to be all done and ready to use. You gotta love that.

  2. We recently lost my oldest daughter's "Orangie", her beloved orange blanket, for a few weeks. It was a terrible few weeks. Same story at our house...she sits there just waiting for the dryer to finish! The funniest part of this to me is that I picked up this used, faded, orange blanket at a thrift store. I guess it just adds to the character.

  3. That's right! And when she finally outgrows it, you'll find yourself carefully tucking it away with her other baby keepsakes! I'm going to look at your guest post now!

  4. That's right! And when she finally out grows it you will find yourself carefully tucking it away with her other baby keepsakes! Now I'm going to look at your guest post!

  5. My son is going to be 11 in September and has a blankie that he "inherited" from daycare, he still carries it around, it isn't as nice- it has a hole where he rubbed the lace away from the fabric, the back and filling is gone along with the yellow ties;{ It was made for one of the daycare ladies own kids by their grandma, and she asked that I give it back when he was done;}But how do you return a thin, worn, faded, holy lovie that once was so beautiful and soft? And how do I take it from my almost 11 year old?
    *FYI I did try to fix it to make it look "almost" as good as when HE got it but when I noticed the hole that was rubbed away from the lace and blanket I couldn't do it.
    BTW He got this blanket when he was 6 months old- he always had it in his hand and when he was crawling he would crawl around with it until one day I went to go pick him up and tried to pry it out of his little hand and he screamed and that is when the daycare lady made a deal with the blankey theif!
    So good luck to you with your blankey;} I hope that when he gets married his wife doesn't mind washing it!LOL

  6. Our oldest two still have their blankies and they are 23 and 24.

    Our last two, aged 7, have their blankies too. But one of the twins has a silky and that silky has even been in portraits taken by professionals! He won't give it up. Of course, nowadays it is a private security piece of blue satin. His friends don't know about it and it doesn't have it's picture taken professionally anymore. But he still sleeps with it.

    I love it this post! Too sweet!

  7. I happened on your blog today and LOVE IT!! What a sweet and beautiful life you lead!! You are darling as is your family and you you style is happy and simple!! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I think it's so cute that she loves the Rilakkuma blanket! I hope that when I have kids they end up liking it.. because they will be getting Rilakkuma stuff either way ;)


  10. hahahahaha....well, here's news for youngest sister, who is now almost 20 years, STILL has her little pillow EVERYWHERE she time, at the airport, her worst nightmare happened, she got picked for bag check...and the pillow was front of many people HUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but she still has it and won't be parted with it

  11. Yeah, I'm 28 and I still have my blanky. I took a lot of flack from my family for it and finally put it away when I was 11. A year later I realized I didn't care what anyone thought and took it back. It stays next to my pillow so I can tangle my fingers in it, but it doesn't travel much anymore because I'm worried about it falling apart.


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