Monday, January 18, 2010

A Great Find and a Story to Go with It

This post is about the item I found at a thrift store and a short story to go with it.

This Ladder caught my eye...

I always wanted to use a ladder to decorate my house. Many places sell them and the ones I saw were anywhere from $30 to over $100. I found this one for $2!! I came home and washed it, disenfected it, and just left it next to the fireplace. I had dinner to cook, so I just left it there. My hubby came home... I wasn't going to say anything, I was wondering how long it would take for him to notice there is a ladder in our living room.

To my surprise, immediately "What a...! Why's there a ladder in our living room?"
I said "Hey! You noticed it right away! Awesome, Honey! I found it at DI today! Guess how much I paid?" (I use this phrase a lot.)

"Gosh they sell everything there. What do you need a ladder for? Where is it going to? You better not have paid more then $2."

Let me tell you ladies, since you can't see us or hear the tone of his voice when he said this. He is not being mean or bossy, that is how he teases me.

Ok, back to the story...

I said "That is just amazing!! How did you know that I paid exactly $2 for it!"
He said "Well, I know you. So, what are you going to do with this?"

Remember, I was cooking, so I was facing the stove when we were having this conversation.

I said,"I am going to use it for decoration. You know you can put magazines, or quilts..."

Then, my 9 year old who was doing his homework at the kitchen table said, "Mom, he is rolling his eyes!"

"No, I didn't! He is lying!"

Hmmm...which man do you think I would believe in this case...

I gave him a quick crusty look and went on cooking. I was so excited to find this, and it is already white, I don't have to do anything. Since I haven't quite figured out where to put it, it will be next to the cabinet for now.

Hang on tight, I have more "finds" to post later this week! Do you have great finds you are excited about?


  1. Waht a great idea for QUILTS!! now you have ME thinking I need $2....

    mmmm....looks like a bunk bed ladder....

    mmmm..maybe a friend has one they don't need..I mean kids can climb and like it lots..

    Great story too..

  2. I have wanted one of these for a while, but I just realized looking at your cute pictures, that it would probably be a mistake for me.

    I don't think that I could ever keep my 1 yr. old "monkey" off it.

    Why are all my kids such climbers?

  3. Love the ladder! I LOL reading about your hubby:-)

  4. We just have to accept that men dont always understand our creative flair lol... what a great find. (did you really pay $2 for it).

  5. you never know what di will have...sometimes a cart full sometimes nothing! congrats on your great find!

  6. This conversation cracks me up! Probably because it sounds oh so familiar! Enjoy your ladder. Once you get stuff layered on it & it is absorbed into your decor - he'll love it! I have an old ladder too in our bathroom holding towels, etc.

  7. Last time I was at GW I found a vintage pattern for .50. The cutest little girls skirt, pants, and shirt. It's a size ten and my little girl is 3, so I have to wait awhile to make anything or I just might have to find a little girl who is ten to try it out on.

  8. That is awesome, I would fold and hang a couple of quilts from it for sure. I've wanted one of those for a while! Great thrify find!
    Do you think it was a bunk bed ladder?

  9. Hahaha... that sounds suspiciously like many conversations in our home! Congrats on the find, love the ladder.

  10. I love DI. We moved and don't live close to any stores anymore and Goodwill isn't the same.
    Cute ladder!

  11. Sachiko,
    cute little story...especially about your little one telling on the hubs.
    I think it would look great with magazines on it. Not sure if its rungs are wide enough for a quilt. If you plan on hanging a quilt from it, I would put some tissue paper...wrapping tissue paper on the rung first so that the paint doesn't soil your quilt over time. I read that somewhere. I also think the quilt would look cute on the wall horizontally with some picture frames hanging from it with ribbon or vertically on your mantle if you have one.
    Looking forward to seeing your other finds.

  12. I love the ladder! I'd love to find a really tall one for my condo...for two bucks!

  13. Great find! Too funny about the little one tattling on the older one!

  14. There must be a bunk bed missing a ladder somewhere :) I love it. I just found you through UCreate. I love thrifting too and I love seeing cool finds of others.

  15. I just found your blog and I am stunned! Your projects are amazing and so creative -- and your photography is superb too!

    Pardon me while I go back . . . and back . . . through your old posts. Gotta check out everything I've been missing. ;) Thanks for sharing your great work.

  16. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  17. That ladder is cute, and for two bucks?!?! I've seen a ladder used as a pot rack once. Just something to think about!

  18. Oh dear- apparently I'm missing out on great bargaions somewhere because I have no idea what DI is?! Inquiring minds want to know!!

  19. I absolutely LOVE it - but at my house it would definitely still be under the hazardous finds list. Darn kids cramping my inner stylista. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  20. Our husbands must be related!! lol
    or is it a male gene that just doesn't get decor-chic sometimes???

    I too use "guess how much" all the time :)

    I have recently been charity shoping and got a bunch of gorgeous items with lots of potential for just €20!! I just love a bargain!!!

    BTW I love what you did to the golden candle holder/glass :)

  21. This is such a cute story. I'm single so I don't have a husband doing this to me but sometimes I get an eye roll from my 16 year old when I bring home my thrifty treasures. ;) Your home looks so beautiful, I just found your blog, I think I'll peruse some more.

  22. great your hubs rolls his eyes too. keep going

  23. Wow, this sounds like a convo between my husband and I!! I love that ladder! I would have been equally excited to find it for $2. Pretty much anything shabby chic or antique that I find makes me go bonkers and I move it around the house in excitement till I find the perfect spot. Then...I move it again...and again...and then I repaint it a new color...and then I embellish. Ha!

    I love your blog!


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