Friday, April 2, 2010

Are you Ready for Easter?

Are you readay for Easter? I actually spaced a little and realized this Sunday is Easter Sunday a couple of days ago. (Hey, I didn't celebrate Easter growing up, that doesn't help.)

I decorated my house with some colored eggs and "peeps". With just a little bit of this and that, my house looks a little more ready for Easter.

Here are some more sparkly gems...

Am I ready for the massive egg hunt throughout our small house? Am I ready for sugar high kids for the next few days? (who would want that and spring break mixed together.) Well, the answer is "No".

I was stuffing the plastic eggs with some candies last night, when this feeling of "they are growing up too fast" hit me. I almost shed a tear or two. I am not joking.

My older two already know that the Easter Bunny is not real. They are doing a really good job not telling the secret to their little sister. I realized that it will be only a few years and they will grow out of the "egg hunt" fun.

I know someday, I will look back on all of this and be happy that I have these memories with them.

Just like Christmas, I want them to know the true meaning of Easter and the reason why we celebrate it. They will probably be very antsy to look for their eggs, so I will keep the talk short.

My husband and I will be watching our little bunnies scattered all over the house with smiles on our faces...

Have a happy Easter everyone!

P.S. I have a big surprise on Monday's post so be sure to come back and check it out!


  1. im not ready for the day my kids admit that they know the e.b./santa isnt real. i think id rather have the s-e-x talk...

  2. Yeah, we did that second one with our oldest already. That was an adventure.

    We'll talk with our second one later this year or early next year.

  3. You're goes by fast and then they aren't even necessarily home for Easter! (My daughter got scheduled to work this year!!) You are a great reminder to BE IN this moment, now...enjoy it thoroughly, it won't come again! Happy Easter! Kathi

  4. your little bits of easter are so pretty. you have a great eye for design and decorating.

  5. yikes! My children are only little and I am definetely NOT ready to have any talks yet! I'll come ask you for pointers when I come to cross tha bridge.. :)

    Happy Easter!

  6. oh I know that feeling. I feel my little girl is growing up far too quickly :o(

    have a very Happy Easter x

  7. Don't be too sure of it! My eldest is 17 this summer and took part in the Easter egg hunt at my mum's:-) She thought of skipping the whole thing since my daughter, 12, is the youngest grandchild - but that wasn't to be had at all:-)

    True, you may have to make the hunt a bit more elaborate, but that only adds to the fun:-)


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