Monday, April 11, 2011

Dining Table Dilemma

It was really nice weather today, and that reminded me of something...

I have been wanting to paint my dining table and dining chairs for a while. We bought the set when we first got married. It has been serving our family for long time, it is sturdy, I don't worry about the kids damaging it too much, so I let them do their art work and stuff there too.

When we bought it, it was in our price range, and something I was ok with but I didn't love it. We talked about buying a new set many times, and every now and then I will go to the furniture store or get online to browse. I pretty much know what I want, but once I start browsing, there are so many options, and it is so hard to decide.
That's one of the reasons why we haven't replaced ours yet.

Cymax has tons and tons of great selections of dining furniture. Also, many of them have free shipping! I found some dining table sets that I liked; I will share few pictures...

This is my most favorite set...

I have mentioned so many times in the past that my favorite color is white, right? I also love chairs with a square back. So bright and cheery.

This second set... the color is not what I am looking for, but I love love love square tables (this one is 54" square). I feel like there is enough room on each side for the plates, even when I have a grill or large dish in the middle with this table.

The last one, I don't care for the style, but I love the drift wood color. If I am not buying white dining table set, I would go for a color like this.

See, I told you, it is sooo hard to decide! If I can combine all the elements I love and come up with my ultimate dining set, I might buy one, but for now, I think I will plan to paint mine...


  1. we have a square table & i highly recommend it. the best dinner party we ever went to was the one where we all ate dinner around a large square table, everyone could see everyone & everyone talk to everyone.

  2. I love the first option - it really sings to me. I'm also a HUGE fan of white furniture, but my husband hates it. =(

  3. Good week dear.. kisses!!!

  4. I like all of them, first one being my favorite, I am also fond of the square tables too. I refuse to ever have fabric on my chairs again, it's too hard to keep clean, unless it's leather, but then I would worry about utensils puncturing it. Anyway, I also think your table would look darling painted white!


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