Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Link Party No.50! / Update ...Well, Mostly on My Thoughts

I was at a park sometime in last week. Michael gave me this white flower he found on the ground. I was sitting right next to a pretty carpet of yellow flowers; I had to get a picture of both. Aren't they so beautiful? I am not exactly sure the name of the white flower, but I am pretty sure it is type of cherry blossom.

In Japan, it is almost time for "Hanami". Hanami is basically "flower viewing", it is one of the Japanese traditional customs of enjoying the beauty of flowers, especially cherry blossoms. The history of Hanami is more than a thousand years old, and is still very popular in Japan today.

I have many memories of Hanami. I remember one of the field trip in elementary school was Hanami. Another time, my mother packed a special Bento-box and took us to a river-side where so many cherry blossom trees were lined up, and the flowers were in full bloom. Every time the wind blew, some of the flower peddles would leave the branches and would float in the air... it was such a beautiful sight, I will never forget it.

After I got my drivers license, my friends and I went hanami together. It was more partying and chatting than admiring the beauty of flowers but it was one of the fond memories with my friends...

My heart goes out for people in Japan who are affected by earthquakes, the tsunami and radiation. I wonder if the beauty of flowers will still bring joy to some of the people in Japan when they are in such turmoil in despair.

Many people asked me how my family is doing, how people I know are doing. I am very grateful for your concern and kind words. All I can say is they are ok so far. They are trying to live a normal life and keep moving forward. Being so far away, the only thing I can do is to send them packages and call them often. My husband and I offered them to come here and stay with us, but they didn't sound too keen about leaving Japan.
We will see what will happen in next few months...

In the meantime, I am also trying to live a normal life and keep moving (well, maybe not necessarily "forward" but moving). Eating some of the food my family or friends will like remind me of them. Doing something fun with my family make me think about them how they are doing. Looking at beautiful flowers reminds me of some of the memories growing up... How ironic that people in one part of the world are living in the chaos. And someone like me in another part of world is sitting and enjoying the beauty of flowers and time with family.

I just hope people who are missing will be found and reunited with their loved ones. And somehow, those survivors will find a way to cope with the sadness and have the will to live.

Those of you, who read this long post, thank you! I just needed to hash out what I was feeling. Not much of an update, but this is where I am right now just in case you were wondering. You guys have been good listeners (well I mean readers)...really, thank you. :)

Ok, it is time ever body, time for the link party! Can you believe that it is link party No. 50!? I have been doing this for that long? I wonder if I can shoot for 100.

You know the rules, go ahead link up your projects; I can't wait to see them.


  1. I can't forget the first time I went cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo too. It was just beautiful and such a peaceful feeling.

  2. Good to know you are coping! Thinking of you!

  3. Such a thoughtful glad your family is okay.
    The flower celebration sounds wonderful...I love cherry blossoms!!

    Deborah xo

  4. That scene from your childhood when the flowers blew in the air sounds just beautiful. I can't imagine how strange it must feel to be so removed from what is going on. Thanks for sharing that with us and for hosting the party!

  5. Sachiko, That photograph you took is beautiful! I will pray for your family in Japan and I'm so glad you shared your childhood memories from there. What sweet times to remember!

  6. Sachiko, The picture you took of the flower is beautiful! What special times you had with your family looking at the flowers. Stay positive and I will pray for your family in Japan!

  7. I LOVE cherry blossom at this time of year. In fact I adore anything at all to do with Spring!!

    Thank you so much for hosting your lovely party.

    And thank you also for the update on your thoughts of all that is still happening in JApan. It's so easy with the news to forget about people still suffering.


  8. This is a beautiful post. It must be so difficult being so far away. My heart goes out to you, your family, and all who are suffering in Japan.

  9. I can't help but feel that the people are Japan are strong and resilient and that they are going to pull thru this even stronger. I also think that they are able to see the beauty of the flowers even thru all of this destruction. I can only imagine what a difficult time this is for all of you. Better days are sure to come! Blessings

  10. Thanks so much for letting me link up! I love your blog and enjoy reading your posts! Hope your family and friends are well in Japan.

  11. Hi, I am a Chinese. But I do feel the same pain as you since I have some good Japanese friends who live there and one of them is expecting baby soon. I organized a company donation and also got my work to match 100%. I wish this disaster will be over soon!
    I am sure your family will be less worried if at least you are happy here. Be strong and be happy! Take care! Yuki

  12. Love the flower picture! Thanks for the update on your family. It's so hard to be so far away. Hope the cherry blossoms bring a little bit of hope to the people in Japan.

  13. Hi Sachiko! My heart and prayers go out to you and your loved ones. Hang on to those wonderful childhood memories to pull you through these rough times!

    Thanks for hosting the link up parties each week! They are how I spend my quiet time when the little one goes down for his nap!

  14. Hanami sounds wonderful! I love looking at flowers, esp cherry blossoms. I'm glad you are able to take life 1 day at a time right now.

  15. Be encouraged! Thank you for the reminded of those who are suffering and in need of our prayers right now. It's so hard to get out of our bubble sometimes and remember those who are in need.

  16. thanks for the update friend- love hearing your springtime memories.
    I hope you'll keep giving us little updates- I think of your blog as a 'first person' connection to the disaster relief and love checking in to hear your thoughts.
    we'll keep praying.

  17. Your post has brought tears to my eyes... thank you for opening your heart like that, thank you for reminding us how important a simple flower really is and how lucky we are to see it bloom...
    Thank you also for the link party. I discover so many amazing blogs with it!

  18. I think yours is my favorite weekly link up!

  19. Thank you for reminding my heart to continue to pray for those in Japan.

  20. I think this is such a beautiful, moving post. Thank you for continuing to share with us, whether in the form of updates or just thoughts. Our prayers continue.


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