Saturday, April 16, 2011

Link Love No. 49! and a Couple of Announcements

I had pretty good weekend, it was a slow and relaxed one (that doesn't happen that often) and I loved it. When I look back this week I finished a quilt, which I am going to share with you when I have good pictures, and I finished a project for a guest post I am doing for Kojo Design on Monday. It is a knock off series; visit her blog to see what I came up with! Many things piled up and I felt like I was way behind schedule, so I feel good that it is finished. :)

Another announcement is I am going to host a giveaway on Monday... :)
Make sure to come back to see what it is. You don't wanna miss it!

Are you ready for this week’s link love?

A Winding Road made this very sweet Buttercup bag. I love her fabric choices, and two buttons in front add extra charm.

Growing up in Japan, I didn't really eat jelly beans until recently. But jelly beans are so much more than just candies...Check out the post by Kids Cats Clutter and Klutz She shared 10 fun ideas of what you can do with the jelly beans. I got to try some of them. How fun!

I. LOVE. THIS. I always had a thing for maps, I was actually thinking about decorating my boys` room with a world map. Creative Juices Decor took decorating with maps to a whole new level! What a stylish and creative way to display a map.

I have seen many framed jewelry holders, but I want you to check out what Andrea from Blue, Lace, House did. I love how they are a collection of beautiful frames. The stencil makes them even more special.

Cherished Treasures shared a post with many crocheted projects; titled "Crochet Possibilities". She is right; there are always so many possibilities with any kind of project. That is why it is so much fun to keep going and be creative. :)

Thank you all for being a part of link party at Tea Rose Home.

Enjoy spring, and happy creating!

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  1. So beautiful!!
    So much creativity here...
    Ill be busy checking out these blogs )
    Thanks for sharing and I love your header and how you made that oh-so-feminine shirt!

    Deborah xo


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