Friday, April 8, 2011

Yard Sale Postponed and Finished Quilt

I announced that the Japanese disaster relief yard sale is on Saturday the 9th, but due to the weather (it snowed today, can you believe it?), whoever is in charge of making decisions had to postpone it ‘til the 23rd. So, don't go to the high school, we won't be there! :)

Meanwhile, we have been given more time to look for items to sell at the yard sale. We will be soo ready by the time the 23rd comes.

I was working my tail off to finish up the quilt in time. BIG thanks to my dear friend; she machine quilted it for me. She did such a great job; it would be a lie if I did not say that I was not tempted to keep it for my couch...

I finished binding, and I was wondering what kind of tag I should make for this quilt...and I came up with this;

When I first pieced this quilt, I didn't imagine that this quilt would be used for something like this. I am so glad that there is something I could offer.

Kelley (I don't think she has a blog that I can link to) emailed me one day saying that she would like to donate her quilt and matching pillow that was in a book called "Cuddle Up Quilt". She didn't specify what for, but I decided to use her items for the raffle too. Isn't she so nice? Thank you so much Kelley!

Also, Papgena Modeit emailed me to tell me that Nicole from The Sleepy Time Gal is doing great things for the children in Ishinomaki (the area many people died). She has a Japanese friend, and her friend who lives in Ishinomaki is a school teacher there (her name is Sachiko too). She told her friend that after the tsunami, many parent didn't come to pick up their heart breaking is that for the children waiting...

She is taking care of those children, and there is a great need for supplies. Nicole is calling out to you to help send one box to Japan. Because of her effort, 170 boxes have been shipped so far. If you are looking for a hands on way to help, this is it. Head over to her blog to find out more details on what they need, and how you can do this. We can all contribute to make a difference!

I am just so impressed with many great people out there I didn't even know about.

Thank you everyone for being so kind, generous and wonderful!


  1. It's beautiful, I like very much this quilt!


  2. Wow, it's beautiful! And how lovely to know it'll do good, too!

  3. What a lovely quilt and fabulously generous! Good luck with the yard sale! xoxo Beth

  4. The quilt is really beautiful! What a special labor of love!

    I wanted to mention that I just found out OshKosh stores are collecting origami cranes (they even have little origami kits/instructions they're giving away at the store), and for each crane received, OshKosh is donating one article of clothing to children in Japan. I grabbed a ton of kits and will bring them into my kids' classrooms for a special project. Such a simple yet wonderful thing to do to try and help!

  5. Your quilt is beautiful! The label is very clever with the red circle on it. Popping off to check out that other blog now

  6. good week :)I love your blog!!


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