Saturday, June 16, 2012


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How are you all doing? If you are a mom or not, are you busy? Having a good summer?

I have been playing around with my kiddos: going to the museum, weekly trip to the library, cooking together more often, watching movies, etc. So far nothing big, it is kind a nice not to have homework and be at a slower pace.

One of my "things to do" this summer is to clean and organize the house (especially my sewing area!! Seriously, it needs attention so bad). I guess I need to prioritize things and just get it done. That being said, the progress of my projects is very slow at this moment. The picture above is one of the things I am working on and I will share the whole picture later.

I do not like hot weather, but summer has its own perks: watermelon, shaved ice, fireworks and picnics. Above all, it is one the perfect times to spend time with the kids and make fun memories. Don't you love summer?


  1. I adore it!
    So many outdoor activities with the kids, being at the beach, taking long walks after sunset when it cools off a bit, lying on the grass under a starry night and tell stories...
    Have a fantastic summer Sachiko!

  2. I do love summer...tending my vege garden, going to the beach there's nothing like the sound of the ocean to soothe away the winter blues. And the sound of flip flops!


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