Monday, June 18, 2012

Thoughts on Post Father's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day yesterday.

Our Father's day celebration kind of started on Saturday, and continued on to Sunday. We all had such a fun day Saturday, and on Sunday after church we visited grandpa.

We celebrated Father's day there too. I happen to have a Brazilian brother-in-law who is an excellent cook... boy he cooks a mean steak, lamb, bacon wrapped chicken and other meat. Usually, I am not big on meat, but when he is cooking for a family get-together, my meat intake goes up by 120%.

It is such a blessing to have the family that I have.
I love my simple everyday life.
I love sitting around with them and sharing funny stories and laughing.
I love to watch our children learn new things.

Above all, I am so grateful that I have a husband who loves our children and is a devoted father to them. Sharing parenthood with him lightens the worries and burdens (is it just me that feels that way? Hey, I am being honest here :)), and triple the joy when we see our children learn and grow.

This is my shout out of "Thank you" for the fathers out there, who are trying their best and being there for their wives and children. I strongly believe that we, as a society as whole, need more responsible men who love, teach, protect, guide their families.

I just thought that I need to make sure that Mr. TRH knows that he is appreciated 364 days, on top of Father's day. :) Those are my thoughts on post Father's day.


  1. I 110% agree with you. What a sweet thing to say. We could never have enough men out there working and striving for their families. I am so grateful for mine. Love you!


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