Saturday, July 16, 2011

Date Night

Yup, that's us, Mr. TRH and I. Who needs a diet? :)

I had such a fun night! Mr. Tea Rose Home and I went out on a date tonight. We hardly ever go out without the kids, usually we are too busy, and after paying for a baby sitter, a date becomes so expensive. BUT, we did it. We got out the usual routine and got out the house... just two of us!!

One of the places we went to was an exhibit called "30 strangers" by a talented photographer Justin Hackworth. 30 Strangers is a portrait project fundraiser which raised money for our local women’s shelter, the Center for Women and Children in Crisis. The theme for the pictures was "Mother & Daughter", they were so fun to look at, and there were a few pictures that I really loved. I feel like He captured their moments so nicely. Also, five great writers read essays they wrote on "motherhood". Their words were so true, some were funny, some were so tender and I felt like I connected to what they were talking about as a mother. After we walked out of the exhibit, I felt liberated and ready to take on being a "MOM" again… starting tomorrow.

If you want to know more about the exhibit go to his blog. If you live in the area, You won't wanna miss it!

After that, Mr. Tea Rose Home took me to out to a sushi restaurant, we spent some time in a book store (I LOVE going to a book store) then we went to different restaurant for dessert. :) Mmmm chocolate.

We talked and talked (We are both TALKERS sometimes we are so excited about what we want to say and talk over each other, but somehow we are both satisfied and it works, funny huh?) And, shhhh... Do you hear anything? No, no one was bugging us to go to the bathroom or arguing or those kinds of things. Having a conversation without interruption in grown up space was so nice! Ah...seriously, we need to get out more often.

Big thanks to Mr. TRH, my better half, and best friend for such a fun evening. You are the best!


  1. Oh, I really hope you do get out more would be a shame to let all those conversations go to waste!

  2. what a fun night. i did make it to the show but right when it was ending so i missed the readings. i'm glad you got to attend w/the mr. date nights are so great and important.

  3. Good for you two! It's so important for parents to take some time to themselves.
    Might I suggest something one of my daughters does once in a while? She finds a friend that she can trade babysitting with! So her kids go to their house and vice versa... and they just go out maybe for a walk... or a "real date" like you did! It makes the cost of a date a bit easier to stomach!

  4. Yeah, you should definitely see if there's someone you can trade babysitting with. Someday your kids will leave the house, and you want to stay best friends.

  5. I'm so glad I got to see you on your date night. :) My husband and I go to bookstores on our date nights too. I love it!

  6. That's so sweet. Glad you had a fun night!


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