Sunday, July 10, 2011

Link Love No. 60!

Thank you all for those who left comments or emailed me about the last post. Some of you suggested we contact our bank and such; we have already done that to take extra precautions. You can be never too careful now days.

We had a lot going on this week, and I couldn't get to the link lists till late last night. This time I noticed a lot of links for recipes. I, myself am cooking more lately. The slower summer schedule allows me to find more time to cook better (I mean from scratch, the stuff takes a little more time to cook) meals for my family. Also, experimenting with new recipes is fun for a change!

Here are some of my link loves for this week...

Do you have a striped shirt in your closet you haven't worn for so long? This might be one of the ways to give it a new life. My Own Roadmade this Tuxedo pillow from a shirt. I love the combination of a little mannish fabric with feminine ruffle, great mix!

Mmmm... Check these raspberries-n-cream yogurt pops... (Drools). A Pretty Life in the Suburbs shares the recipe for this perfect summer treat on her blog. I have always been a big fan of pops rather than ice cream. I bet they taste so yummy!

Michella Marie shares a very detailed step by step tutorial on her blog to make this paper peonies. The flower is made out of coffee filters. The flower looks so good, like expensive silk flowers if not better. Great work!

Little Altars shared this perfect example of using something for a different purpose successfully.
I posted my vintage picture frame redo project a while ago, but I never thought about using picture frames like this. Isn't this wall gorgeous? I love it!

Here is one picture of a sophisticated modern kitchen for KIDS! Utah County Momused a computer desk she had at home and came up with this amazing kitchen! Can you believe that she has never used power tools before this project? Wow, her daughter is one little lucky girl!

Thank you all for another amazing link part! Have a happy summer. :)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my Raspberry Pops! Made my day!

  2. That little kitchen is just the best! So professional looking..just like a big one.

  3. Such an unpleasant and unsettling experience about the loan scam. THanks for the reminder to be extra careful nowadays.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring my pillow! It made my day :)


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