Friday, July 22, 2011


Scars and bruises not inflicted by spousal abuse

I was going to post the tutorial for a towel dress yesterday, but something happened and my blogging time went out the window...

A couple days ago, Mr. TRH got in a bike accident. I was just about to step out to take my kids to swim lessons, and then the phone rang...

"Hello?", I said.

Mr. TRH: "Hey, hon, can you come to the Instacare?"

Me: "Sure, but what happen?"(I thought he got sick or something).

Mr. TRH: "I got in a bike accident..."

After I got to the Instacare, he told me the details of what happened.

Before he started work, he decided to get his biking done. He went on the bike trail. He rode some, and was ready to head back to work. Long story short, someone wasn't staying in their own lane and drove Mr. TRH off the trail. He went over the handle bars, landed on his shoulder and skidded off the path down a gravel embankment. The other biker? He kept on going (I think he didn't notice what he had caused, at least that's how I want to think). When he was trying to climb back up to the trail, two bikers noticed him and helped. Mr. TRH rode 4 miles after that to work, and someone took him to Instacare.

I am so grateful for people like that.

Although there were no broken bones, he did pop his shoulder out of joint and back in during the crash. He was injured pretty badly and had road rash on his hands, knees, and right arm. When I first saw him, he was in a wheel chair (he had to go get X-rays on his shoulder), and looked so pale.

Half of his face was swollen up, from his forehead across his right eye and cheek and there was a deep cut under his lips. The first thing the kids said was: "WOW...." (from a distance).

5 to 10 minutes after we got there he started to get his color back. We were talking, making some comments and joking around about the ordeal.

The nurse came in to scrub his wounds to clear out all the dirt and pebbles. Mr. TRH winced and said, "Oh, this is the part I wasn't looking forward to..." Then, I sang a song for him:

Do you really wanna hurt me...
Do you really wanna make me cry...

(this is an 80's song just in case you don't know). Mr. TRH started to shake, he was laughing and in pain at the same time.

Also, he started to sing "I got a dream" off the movie "Tangled". That has been our family's favorite song lately, and the part of the lyrics was perfect for what he looked like. It goes;

I've got scars and lumps and bruises
Plus something here that oozes
And let's not even mention my complexion

As he was singing, he was pointing at all the injuries on his body. The kids started to laugh and they were singing it together.

The doctor and the nurse might have thought that we are an odd family, but that's how we roll most of the times. :)

We were talking that the accident could have been much worse. We were so grateful that even though he is still in pain, it is not life threatening.

There is never a dull moment in our household. I just keep sending signals out there so that good and exciting things will come to our way.

Well, I am off to spend time and take care of my husband. I will see you at the next post!

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  1. I hope Mr TRH heals fast, I love your account of singing together..I think music is very healing emotionally.

  2. Such a bad thing to happen..but you and your family take it so are such a 'strong' lady! Hope Mr TRH get well soon and sing a happy ending song!

  3. "And despite my extra toes and my goiter and my nose, I really wanna make a love connection!"

    Thanks a lot. It's gonna be stuck in my head ALL day! lol

    Very glad it wasn't much worse though. Hope Mr. TRH feels better soon!

  4. Definitely an ouch! Glad he will be okay!

  5. Best wishes for fast healing!!Very good attitude towards all that happened in order not to scare the children!!

  6. I hope he gets better soon! It sounds like ya'll were handling everything is a very positive way! What a fun, beautiful family.

  7. I hope the Mr. heals quickly! Glad he wasn't seriously injured. Take good care of him, and keep on singing.

  8. ouchie!!! :) get better soon mr TRH! i love that your family is goofy and sings together!! xx

  9. oh dear. Not a fun thing at all. I love hearing how you make the best of things. Your family is sure good at it! And I love the tangled references. My current favorite by far! :)

  10. He looks abused! :D Hope he heals soon! Blessings to you as you lovingly tend him! (=

  11. Poor Mr TRH! I love that you sang to eachother... Hope he feels better soon!

  12. So sorry to hear of Mr TRH's accident. At least with all the singing he still had his spirit. Here's hoping he recovers quickly and so glad that it wasn't worse than it was.

  13. I'm sorry he got hurt, but I'm glad it wasn't any worse and I'm glad he's okay. I think it was brilliant of you to sing to him. I hope he heals up quickly.

  14. Oh my goodness! I am so glad he's okay. Bike crashes can be so scary.

    My hubby is an avid cyclist - his two worst crashes were a mount bike crash when he went over the handlebars and hit a rock (broke both his arms and got a concussion, just weeks after I had given birth to our second child) and once when he was hit by a car. That one was scary. Thankfully he heals fairly quickly and, much to my chagrin, was back on his bike even sooner than he was back to work, hahaha.

    Loved your guest post at Create Often - so happy to have discovered you! :)

  15. Hmmmm! Okay I believe you! LOL! He looks very much worse for wear, poor old devil, hope he heals quickly! xx

  16. Goodness! It could have been so much worse. I'm glad he was able to climb back up and get some help.

  17. oh that can scare you to death. but you hold it inside because of the kidlets. when my husband took up biking seriously over 25 years ago, we bought his bike at a pawn shop because that was the only way we could afford one. well of course the pawn shop didn't have helmets. now remember how long ago this was. i wanted to go straight to the store and buy one but my husband said we couldn't afford one and he had never fallen off a bike. he'd bike for exercise and then bike to work. i worried every time he was on that bike. about 9 months later he didn't get home at the usual time from just biking. all kinds of scenarios began to run through my head. he finally came in 45 min late with a huge bump on his forehead. he had been riding through a church parking lot that he thought was free of obstacles. he really wasn't paying much attention as he was off the road early in the morning in a deserted parking lot. well he came upon the ONE parking spot block the parking lot held and went straight over the handle bars. his front wheel was bent beyond repair and he had a big headache. of course we bought a helmet while he waited for a new wheel to come in. i am sure mr. trh had a helmet on. thank goodness people take cycling more serious now or he wouldn't be in as good of condition as he is. here is hoping for a speedy recovery. keep us posted.

  18. I'm so glad it wasn't worse. I hope he mends quickly!

  19. Oh No! As a cyclist, my heart goes out to you and Mr. TRH. I'm so glad two other cyclists noticed him and helped him up.

    I hope he heals up soon. ((HUGS))

  20. Glad he's OK... you guys are hilarious!!!


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