Monday, July 11, 2011

Lemonade Day

I decided that today is a good day to make lemonade...

By the way, the picture below is a little sneak peak for my new tutorial. I made the dress Rachel is wearing out of ordinary kitchen towels. I will have the tutorial ready sometime this week (hopefully...fingers crossed).

She has been busy painting this morning; do you see some paint on her hands?

Who knew that making lemonade can be so much fun? I basically taught them what to do, and they did most of the work. Maybe some of "Sachiko's cooking class" is paying off? I am proud of how he is holding the lemon.

We decided to make lemon limeade with some strawberries.
The results? Oh, it was so good!


  1. The dress is so fresh..goes perfectly with the lemon and limeade! Lovely photos.

  2. That lemonade looks yummy!!
    Your pictures are always so pretty ~


  3. Yum! My great-grandmother used to make gallons of real lemonade for family reunions!

  4. Hi Sachiko,
    I read your blog for a long time,but it's first time to say hello. :D I also have a blog for sharing some idea and design, if you have time, please and welcome.

  5. Sachiko, Your daughter is a dolly! Love your pics.


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